Adult Ministry & Faith Formation

What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is a lifelong journey. It is an engaged process of learning that creates a strong foundation.

…a foundation on which to learn about God, Christian tradition,
and that which is sacred through experiences of spiritual development.

…a foundation which is integrated and woven throughout all aspects
of congregational, daily and family life.

…a foundation which will provide landmarks and guide the way on life’s journey.

Adult Faith Formation

Broadmoor Community Church provides programs, small groups, lectures and other opportunities for exploring, deepening and sharing the journey of faith in a safe environment. Faith formation is a life-long pursuit at Broadmoor Community Church.

This world needs people who are thoughtful, informed and faithful to an open and educated understanding of scripture. We try to keep our minds and hearts limber, fit and enlightened – which requires regular exercise! Childcare provided Sunday mornings and Wednesday evenings.

Wednesday Evenings 6pm: Adult Education Opportunities

Broadmoor Community Church, UCC also offers three weekly Bible Studies:

  • Bagels and Bible, a men’s study group that meets on Thursday mornings at 7:30am;
  • Bible Talk, a women’s study group that meets on Friday mornings at 9:30am; and
  • Soup, Salad and Scripture, a study group for everyone. This group meets at 12 noon on Mondays.

Broadmoor Community Church is an inclusive community, embracing skeptics, believers and agnostics.  Join us on the journey!