Children’s Ministry & Faith Formation

What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is a lifelong journey. It is an engaged process of learning that creates a strong foundation.

…a foundation on which to learn about God, Christian tradition,
and that which is sacred through experiences of spiritual development.

…a foundation which is integrated and woven throughout all aspects
of congregational, daily and family life.

…a foundation which will provide landmarks and guide the way on life’s journey.


Faith Formation School meets weekly, except for the first first Sunday of the month which is a multigenerational service. (Please check the website “This Sunday” section under the “Worship” tab for any changes to the above schedule). Our curriculum is designed by Marta Fioriti, Minister of Faith Formation and Ministries for Children, Youth and Families and volunteers using the model of ritual, story and creative experience based on the weekly scripture used in worship.  Children ages preschool through grade 4 begin in the Sanctuary and, following the Children’s Message, move to a gathering time in the West Wing.   We learn scripture, hear stories and then deepen our learning as we divide into smaller groups.  Children ages preschool through grade 4 stay together for the creative experience while 5th – 8th grades separate to their own class.


Each year, our family at BCC will give a Spark Bible (NRSV) to our 3rd graders. These bibles are easy to read and are a great resource for kids and parents!  We also will present the children with a tool-kit and encourage the children to attend the Bible workshop for 3 weeks following the presentation.


MUSIC + ARTS CAMP Image may contain: 12 people, people standing and outdoor

Every year, Broadmoor Community Church, UCC is pleased to offer a Music and Arts Day Camp for children who have completed kindergarten through 8th grade each year. The children learn a complete musical with speaking, singing and choreography.  In addition to music the children will participate in art workshops using mediums such as paint, drawing, photography and more. Throughout the day the children will experience handbells, handchimes, percussion, scenery making and story time. The children perform the musical for their family and friends at the end of the week, and again for the Worship Service on the following Sunday. The Music and Arts camp will be directed by Lynn Hurst, Minister of Music and Marta Fioriti, Minister of Faith Formation.

For more information about 2017’s camp, contact Marta Fioriti, Minister of Faith Formation at 473-1807 x113.


Overnight summer camp experience for children entering 2nd through 8th grade are held each year at La Foret, Conference and Retreat Center, sponsored by Rocky Mountain Conference, United Church of Christ. Registration and more information available for summer camps at La Foret.

Kindergarten & 1st Grade OWL Program, Fall 2017

A program of advocacy, education, justice and building the Christian Community! About birth, babies, bodies and families through songs, stories, activities and at -home projects!  For more information go to the UCC website – OWL programs.