Family Ministry & Faith Formation

What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is a lifelong journey. It is an engaged process of learning that creates a strong foundation.

…a foundation on which to learn about God, Christian tradition,
and that which is sacred through experiences of spiritual development.

…a foundation which is integrated and woven throughout all aspects
of congregational, daily and family life.

…a foundation which will provide landmarks and guide the way on life’s journey.

In the Church

We hope that your find a place to worship, serve and learn individually and as a whole family. Our goal is to provide an intentional environment that is both nurturing and accessible. We enthusiastically welcome children in the sanctuary during worship.

In the Home

Weekly and during major church seasons of the year we will help you grow in your faith together. We offer special experiences to emphasize the most holy of church days- Christmas Eve, Epiphany, Lent, Easter and Pentecost. Faith formation often happens in the home through prayer, ritual and family conversation. Resources for home learning and growing will be provided.

In the Community

Broadmoor Community Church is an active presence in the neighboring community. We value working on issues around homelessness, hunger and poverty. We have experiences for adults, children and youth to be a part of this mission. Every month there is the opportunity to serve dinner at Our Lord’s Supper in Old Colorado City.