Senior Pastor Succession Planning

General Information and Guidelines about the Profile Creation & Transition Committee, Pastoral Search Committee, and the Start-Up Committee

Update as of October 18, 2016

On Monday, October 11th Reverend Anne Cubbage meet with over 100 members of the congregation. Most of these meeting were in small group sessions  for over thirty minutes. On Saturday Reverend Cubbage and her partner, Tammie,  meet with another 60 members of the congregation in small groups sessions for approximately 30 minutes. If you have not meet Reverend Cubbage and her partner Tammie,  plan to stay and meet them at the reception in the Otto Fellowship Hall immediately following the worship service.

Six frequently asked questions about The Reverend Anne Cubbage’s candidacy for Senior Pastor of Broadmoor Community Church.

  1. What was the process utilized to gather potential candidates and how many were considered?

The process began over a year ago with the creation by the Executive Council of three committees: the Profile Committee, the Search Committee and the Welcome/Transition committee.   A Congregational Assessment Tool was utilized and provided to the entire congregation to provide information to the Profile committee in developing a church profile for prospective candidates.  These committees met with Jim Pence, a pastoral facilitator, to debrief the results and guide input and questions related to the survey.  The Search Committee then used this information to screen 25 potential candidates and conducted first Skype interviews of those that met the criteria. Additional information was sent and requested of those candidates who were invited to conduct a second Skype interview. Identification of a potential candidate, Reverend Cubbage,  was then followed by a 4 day, on-site visit by two  Search Committee  Members. Rev. Cubbage was then invited to visit Broadmoor Community Church to meet with the staff and the Search Committee. She also gave a sermon to  the Search Committee which can be viewed at

  1. Why is Rev. Cubbage a great “fit” for Broadmoor Community Church?

She meets or exceeds the expectations outlined in our church profile and pastoral search:

  • Notably, a creative, storytelling deep faith and scripture-based sermons that are sincere, funny, energetic and personable
  • Collaborative leadership style that empowers others in a team building environment through effective communication
  • Aa proven ability to relate to and work intergenerational
  • A proven ability to promote and connect with youth and young families to grow the church
  • A clear focus and passion for pastoral care
  1. What made Rev. Cubbage the most qualified candidate?

She is a mature pastor with over 12 years of senior pastor experience in providing relevant, thought provoking yet understanding sermons that connect with each individual.  She is passionate about pastoral care.  She exhibits strategic-vision setting leadership that supports team building and a collaborative environment to encourage personal growth.  As a former educator and coach, she has the ability to easily connect with youth and understand the needs of young families in support of their children.  

  1. If Rev. Cubbage is called, will we then become and Open and Affirming (O&A) church?

No.  She has made this very clear that she would not lead or suggest a movement toward Open and Affirming. Clearly, her focus is on:

  • Pastoral care, providing a personal connection between scripture and our daily struggles
  • Supporting a collaborative working environment where all voices are heard
  • Reaching out to youth and young families to strengthen Broadmoor Community Church into the future
  • Helping Broadmoor Community Church expand its focus and outreach.
  1. Is Rev. Cubbage married?

Yes. She has been in a loving, caring, compassionate and devoted relationship for over 30 years. She and her partner, Tammie, were married in the state of Massachusetts nearly two years ago once the state recognized same sex marriages. Their ability to continue to grow a nurturing relationship in the face of discrimination and adversity will help each of us in our own relationships. They enjoy outdoor activities together such as hiking, biking, and kayaking. They love the Southwest and are looking forward to seeing the mountains, feeling the sun and the reminders of a powerful creative God.

  1. What are some of Rev. Cubbage’s goals when she comes to BCC?

She wants to meet and get to know the members of this amazing congregation. In her two visits to BCC she has already met over a hundred members of the church and wants to meet many more during the scheduled Saturday meetings on the 22nd. She hopes to create relationships that will continue to bind the congregation, staff, and community in ways that are helpful and positive to everyone. Rev. Cubbage wants to learn the way BCC “does church” and to help the congregation learn other ways to be part of God’s world. If you have not meet her and Tammie, call the church office to sign up for an opportunity to meet them on  the morning of the 22nd.

For more detailed information about Rev. Anne Cubbage, Tammie and the process utilized to identify Rev. Cubbage, go to the Members Area on our BCC website (this is the direct link) and read  the REPORT AND ASSESSMENT OF CANDIDATE FOR BCC SENIOR PASTOR 21 SEPTEMBER 2016.


Update as of October 10, 2016

On Monday, October 10, Anne Cubbage, our candidate for Senior Pastor met with over 100 members of the Congregation in small groups. These meetings lasted for approximately 45 minutes in groups of approximately 10 persons. Anne gave detailed information about herself and her partner, Tammie. She described her leadership style, experiences which have equipped her for our position as Senior Pastor along with her passion for ministry and pastoral care. Members of the congregation asked many hard questions and were overwhelming pleased and excited by Anne’s answers. This was truly a positive and memorable experience for both Anne and the Congregation. For more detailed information meet with a member of the Search Committee on October 16th during the Fellowship Hour.

A comprehensive report about Pastor Ann can be read by clicking HERE.


Update as of July 6, 2016

The search for a new senior pastor continues. We have examined and evaluated  20 candidate profiles, conducted four Skype interviews and plan to visit one of  these candidates at the end of July. In the meantime, we continue to schedule Skype interviews with other prospective candidates. In addition, we are exploring with UCC National Headquarters in Cleveland and Conference Minister, Sue Artt, opportunities to expand the search if it becomes necessary to do so.

Update as of March 2016

From the Transition/Profile Committee

Our Broadmoor Community Church Profile has been forwarded to the Rocky Mountain Conference UCC Office to be viewed by potential candidates for Senior Pastor.  Copies of the profile, which was approved by the Executive Council March 5, are available at the church office upon request.

Again, thank you to everyone who completed the CAT, came to forums, submitted feedback, and kept us in your prayers.


Update as of February 2016

Pastoral Succession Process

Broadmoor Community Church is in a period of pastoral transition. Senior Pastor Jim Chapman, who has served Broadmoor Community Church since 2002, announced his retirement. His letter (Dr Chapman letter of retirement) to the congregation in April 2015 stated that he would retire no later than December 31, 2016. Dr. Chapman proposed a “planned succession” to the Executive Council, who agreed that the church was in a position to move forward with the idea.

The Executive Council has retained the services of Walkalong Consulting, LLC.  Dr. Jim Pence (Dr. Pence_Resumeis the transition consultant working with the Executive Council, three committees, current Senior Pastor, and staff in the process. Following an application process in September, the Executive Council appointed three teams: (link to each of the descriptions and lists of members by clicking on the following) Transition-Profile Committee, Pastoral Search Committee, and Start-Up Committee. These committees, along with the Executive Council, current Senior Pastor, and staff meet with Dr. Pence for three retreats. The first was October 9-10 and included:

  • reviewing history of the congregation
  • discussing what we learned from previous transitions in the Senior Pastor role
  • working on a statement articulating the Vision for Transition
  • understanding the importance of transparency and inclusiveness of all members in the process
  • introducing the assessments by Holy Cow Consulting which include surveys to be taken by the Executive Council, three committees, staff, and all church participants

CAT Survey

From October 18-November 1, 2015 the congregation wide survey, the CAT (Congregation Assessment Tool), was available for completion online. There were 243 responses to the survey, which was excellent! Because of this high response rate, the survey was determined to have high validity for Broadmoor Community Church.

A second succession planning retreat, or “Findings Retreat,” was held with Dr. Jim Pence of Walkalong Consulting on November 6-7, 2015. Attending the retreat were thirty-two people including: Transition/Profile Committee, Search Committee, Start-Up Committee, Executive Council, staff, Rocky Mountain Conference UCC Acting Conference Minister, Rev. Sue Artt.

The primary focus of the retreat was to receive the data from the congregation-wide survey (C.A.T.), hear the interpretation of the results, and begin to process the results as a working group. Small groupings of the above participants discussed our strengths and challenges moving forward as Dr. Pence directed.

On November 8th Dr. Pence presented a summary of the survey findings during fellowship hour. (link to Dr. Pence’s Report to the Congregation) The Transition-Profile Committee had forums on both November 18th and December 13th where a recording of Dr. Pence’s summary was played. There was also time for questions and discussion afterwards. A list of frequently asked questions (FAQ) has been developed from these forums and can be seen here.

Special Note: The comments written by 144 of the 243 CAT survey respondents have been read by members of the Transition/Profile Committee, Steve Bailey (Moderator), and Dr. Jim Chapman. We all greatly appreciate the time that was put into crafting these heartfelt, passionate responses. We determined that the comments could be categorized into the following themes:

  • Jim Chapman
  • Successor
  • Congregation
  • Process and governance

The respondents generally shared feelings or points of view in one or more of these four categories. Please know that all comments will be considered in this prayerful, deliberate process of finding a new Senior Pastor for Broadmoor Community Church.

2016 Strategies

At the December 14th Executive Council meeting, it was decided to have Dr. Pence spend time with the Transition Committees, staff, and Executive Council creating strategies for 2016. This took place at the retreat on January 22-23, 2016. Dr. Pence also preached on Sunday, January 24, 2016.  A congregational conversation with him in the Otto Fellowship Hall followed the service.

The following are the five challenges identified at the first retreat with Dr. Pence that are now being used to develop strategies to address throughout 2016:

  1. Embrace our diversity
  2. Improve communication between leaders (staff and lay) and the congregation
  3. Manage our conflict
  4. Increase satisfaction and energy
  5. Sustain resource development to fully fund ministry into 2018 and  beyond

The retreat was a very healing and bonding experience for the leadership team involved in the transition. Through fellowship and honest, open conversations the group was reminded why we are all here at BCC. This retreat was an excellent step in this transition process and left the Transition-Profile Committee ready to tackle the very important work of creating the profile.

Profile Update

The Transition-Profile Committee is working diligently to complete the survey for the final retreat on March 4-5, 2016. They are using the evidence in the survey, data from the annual reports, and information from the staff. They also had Holy Cow (the company that created and administered the CAT Survey) cross-tab the data by age of the respondents, as well as by length of membership. The work is going well and the committee is excited to get input from the leadership team, Dr. Chapman, Dr. Pence, and Rev. Sue Artt soon.


How can you ask questions, share a concern, or request additional information? We have set up a special email address to allow you to communicate with appropriate groups involved directly in the succession planning process. Please feel free to click on the link below to send an email. We will respond in a timely fashion and will add any questions to the FAQ link above.


Update as of September 2, 2015.

The Executive Council is ready to establish the three committees for the transition process: (1) the Profile Creation and Transition Committee, (2) the Pastoral Search Committee and (3) the Start Up Committee. The application period closes on 6 September 2015. Applications and explanations of the committees are available online ( or at the church office. The Executive Council will hold a special meeting on 14 September to populate the committees. We have a wonderful opportunity to all be part of the process of finding our next Senior Pastor. Please get involved!


Update as of August 2015

The succession planning process will include three parts to assist us in smoothly selecting, transitioning, and welcoming a new Senior Pastor for Broadmoor Community Church.  A brief description of each component and committee needed to complete the transition follow.  The timeline for submitting your applications for Committee Assignments begins Sunday, August 23, 2015 and will close on Sunday, September 6, 2016.  The application form to fill out online is found at


The EC will appoint Committee members at a Special EC Meeting to be held on September 14, 2015



The Profile Creation & Transition Committee is appointed by the Executive Council and will be responsible for crafting, implementing, and revising the transition plan.  The transition plan specifies how the leadership will manage transition during the time interval from now until the arrival of the next Senior Pastor.  The work of this Committee begins immediately upon appointment and continues, at some level, until the new Senior Pastor has been identified and has accepted the call.  Intensive work will occur from October 2015 through January 2016, with meetings and/or Committee work occurring as often as necessary to complete the plan and the profile expeditiously that may, at times, be weekly.


This Committee manages the administration and interpretation of assessments and serves as a resource to the entire congregation for reporting survey results.  The committee compiles the primary draft of the Church Profile, which will be utilized by the Pastoral Search Committee in finding a pastor whose gifts best fit BCC needs and goals.  This Committee maintains constant communication with the Executive Council, both to understand the scope of its authority and to ensure that the Executive Council is informed on the progress of the transition.


Members of this Committee need to be available during the transition period and take strong ownership of the transition plan.



The church Profile specifies the desired qualities of a Senior Pastor who will guide BCC into the future and the process by which that person will be identified.  The duties and composition of the Pastoral Search Committee are outlined in the church’s Constitution and Bylaws.


The work of the Pastoral Search Committee will begin at or soon after the Foundations Retreat (October 9-10, 2015) and continue through the selection process (likely a one year commitment), with meetings and/or Committee work occurring as often as necessary to complete the process expeditiously, which may, at times, be weekly.


In designing the specifics of the church Profile and the job description for the new Senior Pastor, the Committee will incorporate the organizational intelligence from assessments gathered by the Transition Committee.  This allows for the diverse voices of our congregation to be represented continuously through the process.


Communication with the Executive Council and the congregation is a critical responsibility of this Committee.  While confidentiality is important to protect the integrity of the process and the identities of candidates and potential candidates, failure to provide updates on the progress of the search can be detrimental to a healthy transition.



The Start-Up Plan specifies the steps that will be taken to facilitate the success of the next Senior Pastor as he/she begins service at BCC.


The First year of a new Senior Pastor’s tenure is instrumental.  The Start-Up Committee provides support for the new Senior Pastor during the pastor’s first year at Broadmoor Community Church and is responsible for bringing formal closure to the transition by assuring that bridging strategies are fully implemented.  This Committee should be broadly representative of the demographics and cultures within the church ad members should be experienced in the forms and functions of governance inside the congregation.  They should have ties to the local community and its various constituencies.  The Start-Up Committee offers support and encouragement to the new Senior Pastor as well as hospitality and practical orientation advice.


The Committee’s effort will commence prior to the new Senior Pastor’s arrival and last approximately one year, working in conjunction with the Personnel Committee.  Meetings will occur as often as necessary to complete the process expeditiously and may, at times, be weekly.




During or immediately after the Findings Retreat, the three Committees will meet in a “Transition Summit” to establish clear communication protocols among the Committees, the congregation, and the Executive Council.  The Committees must see themselves as interconnected but separate groups with differentiated roles.


The leaders of each of the three Committees should be in frequent communication with one another and maintain close ties with the departing Senior Pastor, the Executive Council, and the incoming Senior Pastor at various phases in the process.  Together, they carry responsibility for executing the full succession plan with integrity, intentionality and enthusiasm.



The primary role of the transition consultant, Dr. Jim Pence, is with the Transition Committee and the departing Senior Pastor.  The consultant’s work with the Profile and Search processes ends when the Search Retreat is completed, nominally in January 2016.



Members of each Committee should plan to participate in the Foundations Retreat on October 9-10, 2015, the Findings Retreat on November 6-7, 2015, and the Search Retreat on January 22-23, 2016.



To submit your application, click on the following link: