Our Mission
We are a diverse Christian faith community demonstrating God’s love by enhancing, nurturing, and transforming lives.

Our Vision
The vision of BCC is a picture of what success for our church looks like. It’s where our church wants to be, and be known for, three to five years from now: Broadmoor Community Church members and friends are committed to participating in God’s work in the world. We journey together in God’s ways, made known to us through the word of God, our community of faith, and the discernment of the Spirit. We are messengers of God’s Good News revealed to us through Jesus Christ. We are devoted to the healing of God’s creation, and strive for justice, truth, and peace among all people. We are committed to living out that Good News through personal involvement and financial support.

The Current Environment
We feel our church’s current strengths are: Enthusiasm, beautiful facilities, a dedicated membership, good fellowship with gracious love, ability to set our own mission, an environment of spiritual growth, wonderful worship, and a welcoming attitude. The size of the church is seen as both a strength and weakness. We are recognized for music, the arts and outreach. We have pools of talent, a good number of adult small group ministries and a diversity of group programs.

We have an exceptional staff and a core interest in serving others. The church is accepting, embraces religious diversity, has a growing nucleus of young families. The church has no debt.

Today’s weaknesses (or pains) include: a lack of monetary and resource diversification, an inability to consistently meet budget, declining trend of volunteerism, an outdated and ineffective organizational structure, and an inflexible constitution. The number of participants, communication, the commitment of people to follow through, the lack of ownership of responsibilities, and the number and diversity of children and family programs are felt to be challenges.

Additional opportunities or concerns: Lifestyle choices and activities for youth in our community compete for our members’ time and resources. The church has been largely focused internally over the past few years strengthening our core base and programs. The decline and stagnation of the economy have resulted in a reduced level of resources. This economic softness also opens the door for outside funding (such as grants) and a new model for resource development for our church.

Our Core Values
Love God: Jesus said we are to love God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength. We seek to live out that invitation through Bible study, prayer, music and arts, Christian service, fellowship and worship.

Model Christ: We believe in a kind and gracious God whose character is shown to us in Jesus, the Christ. His life and teachings direct us in our daily lives – with our families, in our work and social relationships, how we invest our time and talents, and how we interpret world events.

Love Others: Jesus also said we are to love our neighbor as ourselves. As a congregation, we are committed to passionately engaging in acts of service, love, mercy, and justice. We encourage the involvement of our members in the ministries of hospitality and Christian service.

Shared Attributes: In addition to the values above, the church exhibits and shares several attributes that contribute to our uniqueness. Our church is open, religiously diverse, progressive, safe, nonjudgmental, tolerant, accepting, and welcoming.

Our Pillars of Excellence
1. Spiritual and Personal Growth

Result: Connecting each other to multiple points of contact within the church. (A particular emphasis will be put on Family Ministries.) Current Examples Include:

Bible Studies (4)
Elders Program
Working Women
Church School & Youth Fellowships
Seniors’ Events
Family Ministries
Choirs for Children Youth and Adults
2. Caring Relationships
Result: Enhancing, nurturing, and supporting each other. Current Examples Include:

Board of Membership
Partners in Ministry
Pastoral Visitations
Caring Ministries (meals, cards, visits, transportation)
Flower Patrol
3. Community Presence
Result: Meeting others at points of critical need. Current Examples Include:

Hands-on Missions
Meadows Park Community Center
Community Programs
Women’s Fellowship
We believe that the results of these three pillars will spring from the love we have for each other and will lead us to support, serve, teach, and nurture each other, the mission of BCC.