Dearest Broadmoor Church Family,
Last Saturday, when wet heavy snow was falling, a man was seen wandering around the church.  Scott Dorff and John Davis, who were working with Andrew Lewis in the sanctuary, spoke to him and asked him how they might offer some help.  He declined help.  When he was still wandering aimlessly they again offered help and asked him to be on his way.  Sometime in the next 30-45 minutes, he decided to start a fire in the alcove beside the Otto Fellowship kitchen door, using recyclables. The fire immediately got away from him and flames licked up the walls to the overhang, burning through the door to the kitchen (only smoke damage in there), and destroying completely the electrical panel that provides electricity to the entire facility.  When the electricity went off and the alarms began sounding, John and Scott responded immediately by calling 911.  The fire was out  within 45 minutes, thanks to the diligent and responsive work of our city firemen.  The extent of the fire was minimal, only burning the alcove.  However, today is the first day that we have electricity and the building is full of ServePro folks working to mitigate the smoke smell and damage.  Otto Fellowship Hall has a temporary wall to segregate the worst of the smoke damage (kitchen, Fellowship closet, and light fixtures) from the remainder of the room.

Several groups this week have had to cancel and Soup, Salad & Scripture met at Chapel of Our Savior Episcopal Church. That said, there will be children’s choir rehearsals this evening AND the “time away” Vespers service ( 6-6:35 pm) will be held in the sanctuary (please enter through the main front doors).

Bagels and Bible will meet tomorrow at Chapel of Our Savior Episcopal Church BUT on Sunday all of our Broadmoor church family will gather for a meaningful Palm  Sunday followed by fellowship in the narthex and Stations of the Cross in the Fireside Room.  We expect that next week, the building will mostly be able to be used as usual–and for the Holy Week services and activities that are scheduled.

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