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April 23, 2017! Not a date I would have put in red letters in my date book if anyone had asked a year ago; but one that today I am certainly looking forward to with great anticipation. I hope that you are as well. That is the day that you and I formally make a covenant with each other. It is the day that our “betrothal” is blessed and witnessed in the presence of God. Rather than calling this a wedding, this ceremony is called an “installation.”

(What a no-frills word for such an important and exciting event! Plumbing is installed, computer hardware is installed, carpeting is installed . . . and pastors are installed. Mmmmm!)

Installations are celebrations of the covenant that unites our lives in love and service through the work of the Holy Spirit. It is a celebration of our life together as Broadmoor Community Church, UCC, with other churches in the Southeastern Association, the Rocky Mountain Conference, and the United Church of Christ. It is a celebration of the distinct hope and gift which the church universal offers through God’s grace to all the world. Because I believe so strongly that this day can only be attributed to the refining work of God’s Holy Spirit, I ask each of you to come dressed in the color of that Spirit . . . in bright and glorious RED! Because this day is known in many circles as Holy Humor Sunday (The empty tomb was God’s immense joke on the world!), I invite you to ALSO wear a crazy hat or wild socks!

3:00 pm – the installation service with song, prayer and reflection by Rev. Jim Price    

4:00 pm – reception hosted by the Sunday Fellowship Team  

April 23, 2017! Please plan to attend this joyous event as YOU are an integral part of this covenant celebration!


Pastor Anne

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