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Annual Congregational Meeting
May 7, 2017
(Music Credit Kareem Powell, Reflections in Black and White)

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“Easter Surprises”
by Rev. Anne Cubbage
April 30, 2017

“How Long”
A Sermon in our “Roll Down, Justice!” Lenten Series.
by Rev. Anne Cubbage
March 12, 2017

“Child of God, Naming Each One”
First Sermon in our “Roll Down, Justice!” Lenten Series.
by Rev. Anne Cubbage
March 5, 2017

Straight Talk (from God)
Final Sermon in the Straight Talk Series, Taking us through Transfiguration Sunday
by Rev. Anne Cubbage
Februrary 26, 2017

“You Want Me to Love Who?” Straight Talk 4
Anne Cubbage
February 19, 2017
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“But I Didn’t Murder Anybody!” Straight Talk 3
Rev. Anne Cubbage
February 12, 2017
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“An Invitation”  Straight Talk 2
by Rev. Marta Fioriti
February 5, 2017
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“A Road Map of Blessing”  Straight Talk 1
Rev. Anne Cubbage
January 29, 2017
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12-11-16 Sermon: Love the Journey Jim Chapman preaching
(Audio coming soon)


11-27-16 Sermon: Your One Minute on Earth  Jim Chapman preaching
(Audio coming soon)


11-20-16 Sermon: Do Not Worry About Anything  Jim Chapman preaching
(Audio coming soon)


11-13-16 Sermon Is it ‘Us vs Them’ or Simply ‘I-Thou’?  Jim Chapman preaching
(Audio coming soon)


11-6-16 Sermon A Different Way to Live  Jim Chapman preaching
(Audio coming soon)


10-30-16 Sermon: WWZD? Jim Chapman preaching


10-23-16 Sermon: Opportunity Knocks  Rev. Anne Cubbage preaching


10-16-16 Sermon The Word of God  Jim Chapman preaching


10-09-16 Scripture Reading: Luke 16:19-31


10-09-16 Sermon To Live More Simply So That Others May Simply Live  Jim Chapman Preaching


10-2-16 Scripture Reading: Luke 17:5-6 Read by Weller Dorff


10-2-16 Sermon Venturing Out in Faith  Jim Chapman, Preaching


9-11-16 Sermon: All In Together by Jim Chapman


9-11-16 Our Sacred Text today is Exodus 32:7-14


9-4-16  Our Sacred Text Today is Luke 14:25-33 read by Marta Fioriti


9-4-16 Sermon: The Cost and Joy of Discipleship  Jim Chapman


8-28-16 Our Sacred Text today is Isaiah 58-9b-14 read by Marta Fioriti


8-28-16 Sermon: Take the Day Off – Reflections on Keeping the Sabbath  Jim Chapman


8-21-16 Sermon: Grace, Generosity and Gratitude Rev. Marta Fioriti


8-14-16 Sermon: The Power of Memory  Jim Chapman


8-7-16 Sermon: Do Not Worry Jim Chapman


7-31-16 Sermon: Resisting the Urge to Think Positively Jim Chapman