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12-11-16 Sermon: Love the Journey Jim Chapman preaching
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11-27-16 Sermon: Your One Minute on Earth  Jim Chapman preaching
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11-20-16 Sermon: Do Not Worry About Anything  Jim Chapman preaching
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11-13-16 Sermon Is it ‘Us vs Them’ or Simply ‘I-Thou’?  Jim Chapman preaching
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11-6-16 Sermon A Different Way to Live  Jim Chapman preaching
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10-30-16 Sermon: WWZD? Jim Chapman preaching


10-23-16 Sermon: Opportunity Knocks  Rev. Anne Cubbage preaching


10-16-16 Sermon The Word of God  Jim Chapman preaching


10-09-16 Scripture Reading: Luke 16:19-31


10-09-16 Sermon To Live More Simply So That Others May Simply Live  Jim Chapman Preaching


10-2-16 Scripture Reading: Luke 17:5-6 Read by Weller Dorff


10-2-16 Sermon Venturing Out in Faith  Jim Chapman, Preaching


9-11-16 Sermon: All In Together by Jim Chapman


9-11-16 Our Sacred Text today is Exodus 32:7-14


9-4-16  Our Sacred Text Today is Luke 14:25-33 read by Marta Fioriti


9-4-16 Sermon: The Cost and Joy of Discipleship  Jim Chapman


8-28-16 Our Sacred Text today is Isaiah 58-9b-14 read by Marta Fioriti


8-28-16 Sermon: Take the Day Off – Reflections on Keeping the Sabbath  Jim Chapman


8-21-16 Sermon: Grace, Generosity and Gratitude Rev. Marta Fioriti


8-14-16 Sermon: The Power of Memory  Jim Chapman


8-7-16 Sermon: Do Not Worry Jim Chapman


7-31-16 Sermon: Resisting the Urge to Think Positively Jim Chapman