Youth Ministry & Faith Formation

What is Faith Formation?

Faith Formation is a lifelong journey. It is an engaged process of learning that creates a strong foundation.

…a foundation on which to learn about God, Christian tradition,
and that which is sacred through experiences of spiritual development.

…a foundation which is integrated and woven throughout all aspects
of congregational, daily and family life.

…a foundation which will provide landmarks and guide the way on life’s journey.

Programming for Teens

Our Middle School and High School group meets for ritual, bonding and learning. The program covers a variety of topics ranging from music and film, resolving conflict, faith and politics, arts and spirituality and mission trip preparation. Youth are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the congregation: attend worship services and volunteer in various capacities. These groups meet on Sunday mornings, except for the first Sunday of each month, which is a multigenerational worship service.


Confirmation is a rite of passage. It is a focused spiritual time for deepening a young person’s faith and for receiving  a blessing from one’s spiritual community, the church. It’s a time for nurturing one’s relationship with God, exploring Christian practices, learning basic beliefs, and discovering how these things can become a life-long adventure.

Annual Mission Trip

We believe that connecting our faith to serving and working with others is an important aspect of faith development in our teens. With adult leadership teens are offered the opportunity to experience an annual youth mission trip. We believe these trips will be a life-changing experience.  Preparation, fundraising and bonding begins in the spring months before the trip.