Middle School Youth

Faith Formation is the language used because it seems to offer the most inclusive and accessible language to describe this ministry. It is an engaged process of learning and practice integrated throughout all aspects of congregational and daily life.

“When we dare to think about youth ministry holistically and to incorporate the spirit of the Way of Christ into everything we do- from lock-ins to mission trips, from game nights to campfire worship- we’re inviting young people to experience a missional way of life in which God’s Spirit is evident in all they say and do.” (Kirk/Thorne, Missional Youth Ministry).

Middle School youth (6-8 grades) meet weekly on Sunday mornings at 9:00am.

Our Middle School group meets for ritual, bonding and learning. The program covers a variety of topics ranging from music and film, resolving conflict, faith and politics, arts and spirituality and mission trip preparation. Youth are encouraged to participate fully in the life of the congregation: attend worship services and volunteer in various capacities.

Questions may be directed to Marta Fioriti, Minister of Faith Formation at 719-473-1807 x113.